Electromagnetic Brake Type EBR

Electromagnetic Brake-Type :
EBR (Normally Off)
The braking torque generated by supplying D.C.voltage to the startor mounted with friction material,which in turn attracts the armature assembly. The brake is released by a prestressed sinusoidal wave spring when the supply voltage is discontinued.
Electromagnetic Spring-applied Fail
Safe Brake-Type:FBR

The braking torque is generated by several compression springs. The brake is released electrically by supplying D.C.voltage. In the event of power failure and breakdown the brake immediately reverts to fail safe action. It also has a unique manual release feature.
Electromagnetic Spring applied Fail Safe Brake Type FBR
Electromagnetic Clutch ECL Electromagnetic Clutch :
ECL (Normally Off)
The transmitting torque is generated by supplying D.C.voltage in turn magnetises the rotor mounted with friction material. The armature assembly gets attracted towards the rotor and motion is transferred. The clutch is released by a pre-stressed sinusoidal wave spring when the supply voltage is discontinued..

Electromagnetic Shaft Mounted : 
Clutch-Type : SMC (Normally Off)
The motion transfer is done similar to that in electromagnetic clutch. The unit is prealigned to facilitate simple assemblt at customer's end.

Electromagnetic Shaft Mounted Clutch Type  SMC

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