Electromagnetic Encased Clutch-brake Combination Type CBC

Electromagnetic Encased
Clutch-brake Combination-Type: CBC
The unit is pre-assembled in an encased body with split shafts for clutch and brake to achieve high frequency start-stop operations. D.C.voltage is supplied to clutch and brake intermittently to achieve start-stop cycle.The design is sturdy.
compact and protected from  foregin particles in the enclosure.Available in design to suit various mountings.
Electromagnetic Clutch-brake Combination (Open) - Type :CBCO:
The unit is designed for high frequency start stop operations similar to Type CBC It is supplied in an open condition.
Enclosure and assembly are carried in situ at customer's site.
Electromagnetic Clutch brake Combination Type CBCO

Electromagnetic Double Clutch Type DCU

Electromagnetic Double Clutch Unit-Type DCU :
The unit is pre-assembled on a single shaft. It functions similar to incorporated in
applications where variable speeds and
reversing of drives are desired.
Electromagnetic Clutch-brake Single
Shaft Mounted Unit Type:SCB
The unit is pre-assembled on a single shaft. It functions similay to normally off
type brakes and Clutches. Similar to DCU units, It can also be Incorporated for various applications.
lectromagnetic Clutch brake Single Shaft Mounted Unit Type SCB

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